At Canabee, we believe that cannabis has a lot to offer beyond just the recreational aspect. 

Canabee's mobile app allows for easy exploration of cannabis-infused cuisine. Our platform offers a variety of free recipes and resources to help users get started. Whether you're a seasoned cook or simply looking for inspiration, Canabee has something for everyone. From making your own cannabis-infused dishes to browsing strains and blogs, our app is the perfect starting point.

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To support our platform, we invite cannabis restaurants and food bloggers to upload their recipes.

Canabee is a recipe platform catering to cooks in search of unique culinary creations. Our platform features a wide range of cannabis-infused drink and food recipes for enthusiasts to discover and try.

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Canabee's team of cannabis researchers scours the internet for the most distinctive and rare cannabis-infused food and drink recipes. We gather all relevant information about the recipe, test it ourselves, and then share it on our platform for all to access.

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Canabee is the first social platform dedicated to cannabis-infused meals. Share pictures of your creations with our community by posting them on our social feed.

Cannabis is the next big thing in food.

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Easy to use interface and a lot of amazing recipes + cannabis information I’m excited to start cooking

- Parker

Very user friendly and I could find couple of interesting recipes within minutes!

- Tom Selleck

Amazing app, nothing like that.

-Evan Heckle

I do enjoy indulging in edibles but have a harder time enjoying the pastries. This app has showed me how much more you can use and do with cannabis.

- Alice Green

The freshest ingredients, the best cooking methods and stories behind your favourite recipes.

Cannabis food recipes made easy.

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